nov 7, 2018

reshape the ideology of fashion pt. 2

Continuing from their tips on identifying a sustainable brand, Diane and Lena give us their story of what motivated them to promote sustainable fashion buying, and how we can take part in the fashion transformation.

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oct 3, 2018

reshape the ideology of fashion pt. 1

Diane and Lena is committed to reshape our ideology of fashion. It’s not just another cheap, trendy clothing that we are wearing, it’s a significant cost to the environment and to our future.

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jul 20, 2018

the future of apparel

"Our clothing industry is incredibly wasteful yet people tend to turn a blind eye to its negative impact. We’ve learned how incredibly harmful the industry is to our environment, and we’ve decided to only purchase, if ever necessary, from sustainable businesses like Unspun Tech. We also make our own clothing and save all our scraps for pillow stuffing." said Sarah & Tony.

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