reshape the ideology of fashion

pt. 1: checkpoints on how to transform the way you shop

Oct 3, 2018

by Diane & Lena

After an upsetting discovery about the lack of sustainability in the fashion industry, two twins from the heavenly yet fragile Mauritius Island, Diane and Lena, felt the intrinsic urge to protect the environment, and decided to transform the way they shop. Beyond changing just their habits, the twins are determined to create an impact on the greater fashion industry by sharing their travel adventures of sustainable fashion. From going behind the scenes of fashion manufacturing to meeting with designers and business leaders on sustainable fashion, they aim to encourage us all to take part in more conscientious shopping. Their journey so far has showcased that through wise decision-making, you can look just as good, or even better, with sustainable fashion buying.

3 checkpoints for a sustainable brand


- shared value creation driven
- not using sustainability only as a brand image


- labour standards (no child labour, payment of minimum wage, reasonable working hours…)
- increase well being of humanity and all life on our planet
- be transparent and inform consumers


- understand the life cycle and environmental impact of all its activities
- use of organic natural or recycled materials 
-seek to continuously innovate by using disruptive technologies to reduce its impact to a minimum

what is a one-sentence shout out you would give to your readers to think twice about fast fashion brand?

choose your brand wisely, same buying process but completely different impact!

what are your tips in jeans washing that can make the "caring" more sustainable?

1. wash your denim as little as possible, not only to prevent shrinking & fading but to conserve water, which lessens the negative impact on the environment. when they are ready for a freshening up, turn jeans inside-out & wash separately in cold water and line dry, if possible

2. embellished or coated denim that's professionally dry-cleaned can actually damage fragile details like embroidery, and over time, wear away waxy finishes. Instead, soak your speciality denim in cold water for up to 10 minutes without detergent, then lay flat until dry.

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