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the denim unspun experience of allison sherman, sustainable fashion blogger

Jan 9, 2019

with allison sherman

meet allison sherman: sustainable fashionista, vegan, adventurer. the us-based blogger has always enjoyed nature as much as fashion. understanding the impact the current fashion industry has on our planet, allison decided to share her knowledge in sustainable fashion buying. join us as allison shares her unique denim unspun experience, and how denim unspun strives for a better planet using its advancements in on-demand production.

allison's story:

(a for allison sherman)

a: i've loved fashion ever since i was little, but i didn't realize the devastating impact the industry is having on our planet until a few years ago. after being vegetarian 7 years, then going vegan 3 years ago, i started to be more conscious in my fashion purchases as I was trying to avoid animal products.

i got more and more knowledgeable on the topic and it became something that i had to share with the world. it's a topic so many people have no idea even exists or care about and we need to change that. the betterment of the planet, the health and well-being of others (workers/manufacturers/laborers), our own health (the clothes you wear can affect your health by leaching toxins into your skin!), and not hurting or killing animals are my inspiration.

i've always loved traveling, adventures, being outdoors, and connecting and appreciating our mother Earth. it fills my soul with so much joy! in today's world, there is so much waste EVERYWHERE, so i love to see areas where the environment is clean, it gives me hope!

the fashion industry isn’t going anywhere, but it will evolve. i see more and more ethical, sustainable, and vegan brands popping up all the time. not many of them are super huge, but the more we support them the bigger they’ll grow!

"the betterment of the planet, the health and well-being of others, our own health , and not hurting or killing animals are my inspiration."

allison's scan:

a: the 3d scan was cool! Nothing I've done before for clothing!

i like how personalised they are, and i can customise it.

though most consumers prefer a fast turnaround time, and the zero waste process is more timely, it's good that customers are willing to wait (for a sustainable brand)!

the denim unspun experience:

1. pick customisation preferences

2. scann, alison’s avatar is created

3. fit algorithms works its magic, wrapping alison’s jeans style around her avatar

4. voila! allison’s denim unspun jeans are ready to go!!

"nothing i've done before for clothing! i like how personalised they are, and i can customise it."

allison's pick:

on allison:

women's mission

high waisted

default length

in fuel black

choose from our collection: skinny, mission, offline

pick between: high/ regular waist rise 
and cropped/ default/ rolled leg length

select from our sustainable denim fabric:
unspun blue, space blue, glow black, fuel black

scan and anticipate your perfect-fitting jeans in 2 weeks!

create your denim unspun jeans now!

a: i’m much more particular and thoughtful now in the things that i buy and wear.
i do feel more emotionally and consciously happy knowing that i’m causing the least amount of damage as i can.

with on-demand production, each pair of denim jeans, including allison's, has a home before it is even made.
with 3d body scanning and our precise algorithms, no matter if it's a pair of skinny, mission or offline, your denim unspun jeans will fit you just the way you want. (check out our fit guarantee!)

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learn more about eco fashion on allison's blog and follow her on instagram to understand more about living sustainably