how to care

wash guide by denim unspun

the water, energy, and chemicals involved makes washing and drying clothing the most environmentally-harmful aspect of a product’s lifetime. what you can do as an astronaut on planet earth is to wash your clothing less, air dry clothing whenever possible, wash only in cold water since heating water is energy-intensive, and use biodegradable and concentrated detergents that are made of plant-based ingredients.

care label is printed on your right pocket

here are some additional instruction:
wash deep colours together
turn inside out before cleaning
do not rub isolated stains.

hang dry

to avoid unwanted wrinkles, remove promptly from the washing machine.
tTurn the jeans right side out. zip and button jeans and then hang with a two clip pant hanger clasping the waist.
to save energy and prevent extra wear and tear, try and avoid throwing them in the dryer

wash smart and care for the future