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start by telling us your choice of denim, waist rise and leg length preference. denim unspun will build the jeans according to your personalisation design around your unique digital body.

who needs a pair of unspun jeans? our jeans are intentional and just for you. it's like how jeans were made a long time ago - specific to a person, but now we are using unspun tech to make this feasible in today's fast-paced world. we learned to combine traditional concepts of custom/one-off, but with tech. why wouldn't someone want to treat themselves to custom jeans at the same time that they are actually making a better choice for the planet? it's a win-win for you and the earth.

sounds fun? let's start building your jeans:


what is denim unspun?

jeans with the smallest impact and largest life span. minimal impact on planet through zero waste manufacturing technology and maximum impact on consumer confidence through intentional design and thoughtful experiences. 

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"space blue skinny jeans is honestly the sexiest and most comfy pair I own"

ed haynes, founder of @coastalfitnesshk