unspun sees fashion as a celebration of self-expression.

but, the industry has become one of the dirtiest while fundamentally preventing such expression through standardization and mass-production. our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% and flip the fashion script from start to finish with #sizefree, customized denim made on demand, paired with customer experiences fit for queens and kings.

the future demands that we do things differently,
starting with unspun jeans.

the future

why do we do what we do

we see the future as automated, localized, customized. exactly as you want it, with zero excess. 

we aim to reduce the impact of climate change by 1% using our tech and vision. we’re giving people the choice and protecting the planet so that generations to come can do the same. 

perfect fit. every. time.

unspun tech

add your personal flare when choosing from our various denim and styles. from there, we’ll use our high-tech algorithms and your unique digital make up to design your #perfectfit jeans.


a new benchmark for fashion sustainability

zero waste means exactly what it says: no by-product, period. 

unspun is a zero-inventory company, meaning we don’t make your jeans until you choose your style and get scanned. 

we’re constantly upgrading our systems with incredible technology that will allow for zero-waste production and reverse manufacturing so that the 15%> of cutting excess or returned jeans can be turned back into raw material to re-use.

just for you

why we're obsessed with individuality

fashion is personal. size is particular. we're making jeans to fit your needs and your shape rather than the other way around.