addressing the world’s 2nd most polluting industry- clothing

reduce human carbon footprint by 1%

because we need to change the way we do things if we as humans are going to have a chance to continue to enjoy this planet. the clothing industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (2nd only to the oil industry), and addressing its pollution and waste issues is something unspun is poised to do.

tackle waste issues

we don't believe in inventory, nor do we think that a convoluted supply chain that circumnavigates the globe is necessary. we want our product to be able to transition from raw good to product and back again without down-cycling. a production process that makes sense for the environment. 

zero wastage

we don't believe in inventory. individuals should be celebrated for who we are, how we live and sweat, our clothes should fit us, not the other way round. 
after learning your fit style and fabric choice, our machine-learning fit algorithms will start producing jeans patterns for you and you only.

fit tech

perfect fit for everyone. unspun is pioneering with 3d body scan, fit algorithm and jeans customisation. 
100,000 data points of body measurement is captured from body scan. this amount of information allows us to be both more efficient and more bespoke than a tailor.

the future

the future of humanity demands that we make apparel fundamentally differently, starting with denim jeans. we are creating a future in which clothing is made on-demand, in-situ, and without waste, and is infinitely recyclable.

just for you

our pants are made to celebrate you and and your everyday extraordinary feats.
this is your way to not only celebrate exactly who you are with an insanely good fit, but also support a process that makes sense for the environment.