unspun sees fashion as a way for you to be your best self and to celebrate you.

The current industry does not allow you to be your best self : wearing it, you are representing and supporting mass produced sizing and hugely polluting manufacturing methods that have made fashion one of the dirtiest industries in the world.

The future demands that we do things fundamentally differently, starting with denim jeans from unspun.

the future

why do we do what we do

we see the future being automated, localized, customized. exactly as you want it, with no excess. 
we aim to reduce climate change's impact by 1% using our tech and vision. we need to change the way we do things if we as humans are going to have a chance to continue to enjoy this planet

perfect fit. every time

unspun tech

achieve your perfect fit with your virtual avatar and your choice of style and denim. with this, we can computationally craft your perfect pair of jeans using fancy algorithms and a lot of know-how. more efficient and more bespoke than even a tailor.


new benchmark for sustainability

to us, zero waste means exactly what it says: no byproduct, period. everything that goes into the process comes out as the final product.

currently, denim unspun is a zero jeans inventory company, meaning that we don't make your jeans until you ask for them and so we will never have unwanted excess inventory and you'll always get a pant that is you exactly and will only bring you good vibes.

on the back end we are chiseling away at some incredible technology that will not only soon allow for zero waste production, but will also allow for reverse manufacturing so we can end up with the same materials we started with.

just for you

what does individuality means to unspun

denim unspun jeans are made only for you. by holding no inventory we guarantee that you will have the perfect-fitting jean instead of settling for run-of-the-mill jeans that have already been made with no home.