upcoming pop-up

denim unspun temporary concept store @themillsfabrica

Dec 1, 18- Jan 31, 19

as a techstyle company, denim unspun temporary pop-up store will locate at The Mills Fabrics' catalytic hub, where new ideas spark and game changing collaboration takes off. 

visitors will be able to experience the entire shopping process including 3d body scanning. unspun's mission is to celebrate individuality and therefore, a number of exciting personalised workshop will be held around the theme of denim. stay tuned on workshop and event updates by subscribing to denim unspun's newsletter.
Our denim jeans are made-on-demand by fusing state of the art technology and customizable fashion. The future demands human to do things fundamentally different, starting with denim jeans. #yoursizeisyou #perfectfitjeans

opening hours:
to be confirmed
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