addressing the world’s 2nd most polluting industry: clothing

our mission is to make the design, manufacturing, and consumption of fashion intentional. we aim to reduce climate change's impact by 1% using our tech and vision because we know earth needs some serious tlc if we're going to continue enjoying it.

this is a call to action:

#zerowaste #sustainablefuture

zero waste commitment 

to be clear: we are not zero waste (yet!) and actually, no one is. 

however, we have zero inventory and we’re implementing the most sustainable practices available to us to ensure we’re reducing to the best of our ability. this looks like localized production, eco-fabrics, and on-demand manufacturing for now but, will involved up-cycling excess or returned fabric in the future.

Kitotex® clean dying

- salt & microplastics free
- 100% biodegradable polymer obtained by recycling food waste
- deep colour penetration for denim that does not fade

re-gen 100% sustainable denim

- 50% Refibra™, 50% recycled fibre

- for every pair of jeans, you save 2.565 liters of water

SGENE® superior stretch technology

- body conforming stretch and unsurpassed recovery
- incredibly soft hand feel
- a new global standard for stretch denim


- with REPREVE® fibre, over 10 billion plastic bottle recycled and counting
- stand behind sustainable practice on minimizing environmental footprint and promote responsible stewardship of the area’s natural resources

NATULON® recycled zippers

- recycled from PET bottles and other post consumer materials such as yarn waste
- advanced material recycling technologies from taiwan
- bluesign® approved products

eco finish button

- does not involve an electrical plating process

- we save 3,600 kWh(*) per 1,000kg of buttons.
*3,600 kWh = Average electricity consumption per family for 20 days

from plastic bottles to your pocket

- pocketing fabrics that uses recycled yarns produced from plastic bottles taken from landfill sites


- for every 1 pound of repreve® polyester yarn, 0.4 gallons of gasoline are saved along with huge energy savings


support a process that makes sense for the future.

it starts with a body scan and a pair of jeans that celebrate you and and your everyday extraordinary feats.