addressing the world’s 2nd most polluting industry- clothing

our mission is to make the design, manufacturing, and consumption of fashion intentional. We aim to reduce climate change's impact by 1% using our tech and vision. we need to change the way we do things if we as humans are going to have a chance to continue to enjoy this planet.

make a difference today

#zerowaste #sustainablefuture

zero waste commitment 

we aren't at zero waste, yet. actually no one is. (really!)

HOWEVER, we are at zero inventory... which is a big deal considering the use of finite resources to produce clothing, the intensive use of chemicals and water in refining these materials, and the 15% material loss to landfill from the cutting process. other retailers won't give you numbers but many of them are seeing half of their inventory go unsold - waste for no reason whatsoever. we make no product until you decide that you want it, and then we make for you exactly

Kitotex® clean dying

- salt & microplastics free
- 100% biodegradable polymer obtained by recycling food waste
- deep colour penetration for denim that does not fade

re-gen 100% sustainable denim

- 50% Refibra™, 50% recycled fibre

- for every pair of jeans, you save 2.565 liters of water

SGENE® superior stretch technology

- body conforming stretch and unsurpassed recovery
- incredibly soft hand feel
- a new global standard for stretch denim


- with REPREVE® fibre, over 10 billion plastic bottle recycled and counting
- stand behind sustainable practice on minimizing environmental footprint and promote responsible stewardship of the area’s natural resources

NATULON® recycled zippers

- recycled from PET bottles and other post consumer materials such as yarn waste
- advanced material recycling technologies from Taiwan
- bluesign® approved products

eco finish button

- does not involve an electrical plating process

- we save 3,600 kWh(*) per 1,000kg of buttons.
*3,600 kWh = Average electricity consumption per family for 20 days

from plastic bottles to your pocket

- pocketing fabrics that uses recycled yarns produced from plastic bottles taken from landfill sites


- for every 1 pound of repreve® polyester yarn, 0.4 gallons of gasoline are saved along with huge energy savings


support a process that makes sense for the future.

starts with a body scan and a pair of jeans to celebrate you and and your everyday extraordinary feats.